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Mickelson Christmas Trees has been bringing high quality Christmas trees to Sonoma County since 2010. Trevor Mickelson, owner, believes in family tradition and maintains the belief that the family Christmas tree should be real, not artificial. It should fill the home with the unmistakable aroma that reminds everyone of their childhood. Originally rooted in Petaluma, that's where Trevor started his small business. To better serve the greater area of Sonoma County, Mickelson Christmas trees is now located in Petaluma and hopes it will continue to be a part of your family's Christmas tradition year after year.


We are proud to say all of our trees are sourced from Oregon and are selected to be the greenest and fullest available. We make several trips up north throughout the holiday season to ensure our trees are as fresh as they can be. The fresher the tree, the longer it will stay green in your home. While we do everything on our end to provide you with the greenest tree possible, we recommend keeping your tree watered and away from any sources of heat so it does not dry out prematurely. After all, your holiday centerpiece should be as beautiful as it can be for the entire holiday season.


In light of the tragedy that devastated so many lives October 2017 with the numerous North Bay wildfires, Trevor felt the need to give back to the community. To help keep the Christmas spirit alive, Mickelson Christmas Trees generously donated over $5000 in trees monetary donations to the neighborhood celebration in Coffey Park. The event was a great success and more can be read here. It is this positive outlook and generosity that sets Mickelson Christmas Trees apart from the others revealing the true meaning of Christmas. 

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