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It's All Coming Together

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Preparation for the Holiday Season has to start early. We've been putting in some long hours over the last few weeks getting our Christmas Tree Lot ready for business. Here's where we are at.

Mickelson Christmas Tree Lot Aerial
Here is a progress shot of our lot taken from above!

Our Tree Lot Continues to Take Shape

Our tents are set up. We have a new sales counter to better serve our customers and display our merchandise. The poles are set with lights hung high. We need to check a few more things off the list, but it's all coming together. The snowball pit, flocking station, signage and large holiday blow-ups still need to get finalized. Soon the only thing missing will be those beautiful fresh cut trees. Don't you worry, we will be picking them up soon. We need to make sure they are as fresh as possible!

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